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Newsletter number 1 - 2019 from

Dear canyoneer, dear caver,

The summer is crazy this year. Too much water in many areas in the Alps and the holidays are started. Within a small 2 weeks the CanyonZone crew will go on holiday / work at the office in canyoning & caving areas in Italy and Switzerland itself to practice the sports ourselfs and test some new gear in the environment where it's made for. So we'll be closed from 1st until 15th of August.

If you need some gear to go canyoning & caving yourself this summer - order it before the 31th of july to get it delivered on time.
New stock this month: Petzl Stop 2019, Petzl Freino Z, Petzl Simple 2019 caving descenders, children's book The 15 coolest canyons in SpainGiro - new canyoning descender, CZ Rescue Scissors in Sheath, Bestard Canyon Guide Black canyon shoes, strong & lightweight headlamp Fenix HM65RCAMP SWING - Adjustable rope lanyard, SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual, guideharness Canyon.Zero PolyTech incl Petzl Ring Open and more, see New items in the webshop !!
Giro - new canyoning descender

Fast-closing aluminum descender for descending canyons - freedom of movement when you need it.

The GIRO descender is designed for descent of canyons, dry and in the water. The carabiner to be used for the anchor of the descender body to the ventral of the harness must be large to prevent rubbing with the descender while it is being turned to effect the blocking. Just €30,= incl VAT (€24,79 excl VAT) for the device - buy now

Click here to see a short video of the use of the GIRO

CZ Rescue Scissors in Sheath

 These developed scissors with the sheath are made for cutting ropes and slings in rescue situations. Protected by a safety device which must first be opened for use. The scissors is supplied with a matching cover to mount on the harness or on your canyonsuit.

The Rescue is indicated for novices in water sports situations, when they are in trouble, they have to cut ropes but they are not so “cold blood” to work with the “opened blade” of a rescue knife!

€48,95 incl VAT  ( €40,45 excl VAT) for the complete set - scissors and sheath are also separatly available


Bestard Canyon Guide Black

 This boot has been designed and manufactured specifically to offer maximum performance in adventure-sport activities where humid conditions and wet, slippery environments are the norm: caving, canyoning, tropical and monsoon-season treks and the like. The designs have thus been developed and the materials selected to satisfy without compromise the most demanding requirements in the following essential areas. Next to the orange version now also available in BLACK  - limited edition! Same price as standard - €169,95 incl VAT per pair  (€140,45 excl VAT)

SPAR – Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual

 Authors: Eddy Cartaya & Rick Speaect
 Language: English

This is the comprehensive Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual from Vertically Speaking. SPAR stands for Small Party Assisted Rescue. This manual covers many topics. 600 page - full color - spiral bound - water resistant paper. The next specifications say enough about this manual
Weight             1.8 kg   /   4.0 lbs
Dimensions     27,94 x 21,6 x 7,6 cm    /   11 × 8.5 × 3 in
A must have for every caver, canyoneer, rope technician - buy your copy now   €73,50 incl VAT (€67,43 excl VAT)

Fenix HM65R - amazing bright lightweight headlamp

 The Fenix HM65R is the most powerful headlamp in the HM series. Just like the other lamps in the HM series, the lamp excels in its weight in relation to the maximum light output. The HM65R weighs only 69.5 grams (excluding headband and battery) and has a maximum output of no less than 1400 lumens. In addition, the lamp is shock-resistant up to 2 meters, fully dust-proof and water-resistant up to 2 meters.


  • LED: Cree CM-L2 U2 and XP-G2 R5
  • also works on 2 CR123A batteries
  • LED: Cree Xp-G3 produces warm white light
  • rechargeable via usb Type-C
  • body made of magnesium
  • with battery and charge indicator
  • intelligently protected against overheating
  • constant light output through digital control
  • reflective elastic headband, visible up to 50 meters
  • length: 8 cm
  • height: 4 cm
  • protected against water and dust according to IPX8 standard
€94,95 incl VAT (€78,74 excl VAT)  Buy now

Canyon.Zero PolyTech incl Petzl Ring Open

 Because You Deserve The Best!
Canyon.Zero PolyTech is a harness designed for extremely demanding canyoneers, canyoning professionals and members of rescue squads. The protective seat is made of a special, ultra abrasion-resistant fabric.

The rear waist belt is the widest, lightest and most comfortable in its category.

Load distribution on the waist belt is ensured by three straps connected to the front belt by means of the adjustment buckles. The buckles work in opposition to one another and allow for fast, precise and stable harness sizing. The particular position of the thigh-waistband connection straps makes the harness exceptionally comfortable, to the point that you will barely feel it as you move. For more info see here

Summary of features

  • Comfort of the waist belt
  • Comfort of movement thanks to studies carried out on the position and length of the straps connecting the thigh loops to the waist belt
  • Innovative dual 15kN tie-in point, a step forwards in terms of safety, efficiency and adaptability to personal needs and habits
  • Low belay loop for ascender and lanyard that works perfectly both on the belt and on the thighs, leaving the anchor loop free for the descender
  • Very large descender and/or lanyard anchor loop, to facilitate right-left movements both during rappels and while suspended/on belay. Very comfortable for canyoning professionals while assisting clients and in rescue manoeuvres
  • The double tie-in point is an incredible advantage during rescue and self-rescue manoeuvres, both active and passive
  • The harness is designed and made by artisans and industry professionals. A 100% Italian-made product; components, manufacturing and certification.
  • The red ring in the picture is not included
  • Size 1  : waist  78-120 cm   leg  48-62 cm , weight 0,750 Kg
  • Size 2  : waist  from 80 cm   leg  from 50 cm, weight 0,785 Kg
€179,95 incl VAT  (€148,72 excl VAT)   Buy now
Enjoy your summer in the canyons & caves !!
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