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Dear canyoneer, dear caver, dear ..........   Summer Time - back in the canyons

Where can you be found this summer? Is there still a great canyoning or caving adventure planned for you? We will soon be heading to the Alps and will therefore be closed from July 31 to August 15.
If you want to place another order, please pay attention to the delivery time indicated with the relevant article. We will of course send all gear and books that are available from stock until 30 July. We will send all other items with some delivery time as soon as possible after August 15. If you have any questions about delivery time or anything else, please don't hesitate to 
contact us!


As you certainly know, the world commodity markets have undergone strong price increases for several months; as a result, the prices undergo upward adjustments almost daily.

The strong increases affected all sectors, ranging from metals to plastics, from fabrics to wood. Nothing is being saved from this economic storm.

These speculations have an international character and are bringing practically all production chains to their knees.

In addition to the sharp increases described above, there is also a significant shortage in supplies, with deliveries that are now close to 3 / 6 months from the date of the order. This is what we experience at almost all brands we have in the collection. More and more products have release dates that are forwarded for 2-3 months or longer.

This makes a very difficult selling situation when production is not easy and paints a future where the only certainty is uncertainty.

This premise is necessary to announce that, despite all our desire to contain costs, we are forced to apply an inevitable increase in our prices, limited to the recovery of the strong increases that stainless steel, plastic and TPU fabric has recorded in recent months.

The price increase in our 2021 price lists, will be mandatory from 1st September 2021.

We will take care to adjust our prices downwards when a certain normality of the reference indices returns, which we hope will happen soon.

Sure of your understanding, we cordially greet all our valuable customers.

NEWS for European customers

On July 1, 2021, the new EU VAT Directive for e-commerce came into effect. The new rules apply with sales to consumers in EU countries outside the Netherlands. This means that from July 1, 2021 CanyonZone calculates the local VAT rate of the country where you as private customer live and let your order ship to and not paying the Dutch VAT of 21% anymore.

NEW gear is always interesting since here at CanyonZone we are gearjunkies who love to test new products. See New items in assortment for more news, we highlight a few here:

 The Edelrid AXIOM and AXIOM SLIDER are carabiners with integrated pulley in the spine. The pulley reduces rope friction to a minimum and the pulley maintains its function even under load. The optimized design of the AXIOM ensures that the rope is always ideally guided so that the rope can always run on the pulley. Available with a classic gate or the automatic and very compact SLIDER locking gate. The gate opens on the pulley side which makes installing the rope easier.

  • Very lightweight construction - just 69 gram
  • Available as a gate or slider version
  • Pulley maintains its function even under load.
  • Optimized design for perfect rope guidance in the carabiner at all times


€ 29.95 incl. VAT                                               € 39,95 incl. VAT
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A new guidebook to canyons in Galicia and northern Portugal

This is the new canyoning guide for the Galicia and Portugal area. CANYONING FROM THE FAR WEST is the translated title Barrancos del Lejano Oeste 


Barrancos del Lejano Oeste 

€ 26.95 incl. VAT 
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Petzl Yara Guide 25 is a medium-capacity canyoning rope bag designed for expert users and guides. It can transport a rope, keep it from tangling with other equipment, and facilitate maneuvers at the anchor or during installation of a fixed line. The padded back provides buoyancy, while the removable shoulder straps and two handles improve handling Multiple drain holes optimize water evacuation. Its construction and reinforced upper handle provide additional durability. Also in smaller version, the YARA CLUB 15 available.


  • Medium-capacity rope bag for canyoning
    • up to 2x60m Petzl Push 9mm fit in the YARA GUIDE 25
  • Easy-to-use canyoning rope bag designed for expert users and guides:
    • designed to transport a rope, reduce tangling with other equipment and facilitate storage and removal from the pack
    • can be carried in the ALCANADRE GUIDE 45 pack
    • foam is integrated in the back of the bag to provide buoyancy
    • simple shoulder straps may be removed when not required
    • cord lock makes it easy to close the bag
    • drain holes in sides and bottom evacuate water efficiently
    • two color-coded loops inside the bag for attaching the rope ends
    • molded upper handle and front handle make it easy to throw and pass the bag
    • identification panel on the outside for easy identification of the pack

€ 65.00 incl. VAT 
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 Designed for canyoning, the ALCANADRE CLUB 30 is an easy-to-use pack for groups. The padded shoulder straps offer great comfort during the approach. The large opening makes it easy to stow and remove the rope. The multiple drain holes optimize water evacuation. It is equipped with three colored-coded loops for attaching the rope ends and rescue equipment. The buckles on each shoulder strap quickly release the pack in an emergency situation. Its construction and reinforced upper handle make it very durable.

€ 75.00 incl. VAT 
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Interesting to know

  • The content of the webshop is / will be further completed by means of a short explanation on the pages of the sections of all gear.
  • We have added FAQs that are supplemented based on your questions.
  • We are also working on a knowledge base that covers various topics related to canyoning and caving.
  • What we also pay attention to is how you as a canyoneer or caver can make the right choice which material is most suitable for you, as an individual or company. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. We then investigate whether it can be included so that others can also be helped.

If you have any questions or need advice about a particular item or area, please send us an email. We will do everything we can to help you with a good preparation!

Gertjan van Pelt 
Experts in canyoning & caving gear
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